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November 20, 2012
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As long as she could remember she wasn't really understood by anyone.
She had a special bond with her mother nobody else understood. When she died, the last person to understand her was gone.
She didn't have friends her age, even though everyone was really nice at the southern water tribe.
She was the only water bender, nobody could understand her desire to feel connected with other benders.
After she found Aang in the ice she felt the need to help ending the war and travelling with the Avatar, something nobody else she knew would have done.
When she met Jet she got attracted by the thought of him understanding and sharing her pain but in the end, her trust was used to do something terrible she would have never approved.
As Toph joined their group she was hoping for a friend who understands her but got disappointed again as she saw that Toph was the little pampered girl which she has been all her live. Her parents didn't understand her as well but her problems were on a completely different level than Kataras.
Katara loved Sokka but he also did never understand her feelings.
And Aang was her best friend but she couldn't be herself around him as well. She never talked about her feelings around him. He's the Avatar and can be really wise, but after all he was just a 12 year old boy she couldn't rely on that way.
Everyone in the group takes everything she does for granted.
Like she wasn't just a young teenager like the rest of them.
Part 2, tadaaa! (:
I really hurried to upload this, encouraged by the many faves I got for the first one, I wont update this quick the next time. Check my journal entry [link] if you want to know why.

I also had difficulties finding a matching picture so in the end I decided to take screenshot. Originally I planned to use a picture where you could see that Katara is really the mother of Sokka, Toph and Aang because all of them are totally helpless on the basic things without her. I couldnt find anything. Seems like nobody wants to draw about this sad truth D:
So instead I used a picture where she was misunderstood by everyone again.

Picture Avatar the Last Airbender, Nick

Characters Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

Story Ideenkotze

Part 1

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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I feel that way sometimes with my friends; they take me for granted a lot and when I need them, some of them don't show but say I mean so much to them.

Great work :) Keep this up :)
Ideenkotze Nov 25, 2012  Student Photographer
thats really sad and it should be the other way around, they dont have to say it as long as they show it. Do they know you feel that way about them?

and thanks for the compliment :bow:
No they don't because I know what would happen. They would tell me I'm over reacting or it's not their fault because they are always busy with other people (and those other people also happen to be my friends also) and I'm left on my own when I really need people around me at the moment. :( Have had a crap 2 years with 2 deaths and I feel on my own.

No problem :) :hug:
Ideenkotze Nov 25, 2012  Student Photographer
well, that sounds rather hopeless. Why dont you try speaking to one friend, not the whole group of friends and try to explain the situation and also the fear of getting left out? It might help if there is only one person who has to think about what you say and then chooses if other friends problems are more important than yours.

or you simply go and make new friends who listen to your worries as well as you listen to theirs (; dont stick with people if you think they dont appreciate your friendship. :hug:
I would but I know my friends talk. You cannot tell 1 person something without other people finding out. :(
And I know everyone will think I'm over reacting :( A friend once said to me "Oh I'm depressed, I don't care if I die tomorrow". She has a job that she enjoys, she sees her friends 3-4 times a week which I forever read on Facebook, she gets away with murder with her mom, doesnt lift a finger at home and gets invited out everywhere. Whereas I'm not invited anywhere, when I organize something, hardly anyone shows or bails last minute, I don't go out for weeks or even months at a time and I am still grieving for the loss of my grandparents only 2 years ago and I live in their old home and so have memories of them here and I cry myself to sleep most nights... I need my friends around me and they are all too busy for me.

Yeah... I suppose :') :hug:
Ideenkotze Nov 27, 2012  Student Photographer
that sounds to me like you totally need some new friends, I could never stand such people near me.
No one even tries to understand my feelings? Well, you can go to hell then <:
no wasted energy on people who dont deserve it.
Even if you are overreacting over something, everyone does, and if this is a reason not to take you and your problems seriously get them out of your life.
I stopped being friends with people who dont treasure me as I treasure them a long time ago and it feels just right and I'm more carefree than when I had to worry the people I called 'friends' are talking behind my back and spread rumors about me.
Seriously. Dont waste your time and love on them. :hug:
Thanks :') Sorry for saying all of this to you, it's so easy to confide in someone online.

Thanks for all your advice, I will try and give it a shot :)
Ideenkotze Dec 2, 2012  Student Photographer
yeah because its more anonymous and its also easier to find someone from somewhere in the world who listens to you, than someone who lives near you.^^

I really hope you can go through that kind of change because it requiers lots of strenght and courage, but its so worth the effort :heart:
OnceUponALie Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is very sad but true of Katara. She is truly an amazing, strong young lady.
Ideenkotze Nov 25, 2012  Student Photographer
thats what I think(:
it never gets honoured what she does for the group.
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