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[Zutara] Rise Of The Spiritual Leaders - Chapter I
Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
Her grandmother used to tell her stories about the old days, a time of peace; when the Avatar kept balance between Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads.
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked...
Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.
Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle is broken. But she hasn't lost hope. She still believes that somehow, the Avatar will return to save the world.
Only the spirits already had a different plan in mind...
Chapter 1: Unbalanced.
"Katara, dear, come over here! The seal jerky isn't going to salt itself!"
"Yes, Gran Gran, I'm coming as soon as I dried the laundry!" The young waterbender yelled out of the small hut.
With nearly no visible effort, she bent the water out of the fabric she'd washed this morning. A quiet sigh
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Stairs to Central Park by Ideenkotze Stairs to Central Park :iconideenkotze:Ideenkotze 3 6
[Zutara]Breaking through the Surface* Part 6
Her lips were moving against the fabric, unable to stop to take breath.    
After what felt like a second or maybe eternity, he pulled away to take a breath.
Zuko feared he might have gone too far while reasoning that their masks in between their lips made it less dishonourable, but Katara just shoved him back, his back leaning onto Appa, to climb on his lap, kiss him more and then remove the masks in between.
Kissing her lips was much more intense than he could have imagined. Her soft, full lips sent waves of pleasure through his entire body.
The kissing and gasping went on, their bodies burning with desire moving against each other. Her hands in his hair, on his back, clawing into his shirt, his hands all over her body, holding her hips to pull her even closer.    
Suddenly Katara pulled away from him, gasping and her face all read.
Zuko was worried again "What is it Katara?"
She took a deep breath before looking away and whispering "I can feel somet
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[Zutara]Breaking through the Surface* Part 5
Zuko wrapped his arms around her and buried his face near her wild, delicious smelling hair, resting his head on her shoulder.
He felt his insides clenching like never they never had before, not with anger but with happiness.
He could feel his whole body burning with desire.
He never knew a hug could feel like this. A firework in his heart, a festival in his head.
Katara loosened her arms around him, but he just held her tighter.
"Just a little more." he whispered softly.
He felt something wet on his shoulder.
Quickly he released her from his arms to hold her shoulders and look at her face.
Tears were running down Kataras beautiful brown cheeks.
"Katara what's wrong? Did I hurt you?" Zuko asked confused and worried.
She sniffed "No you Jerk"
Did she just smile a little behind that fabric covering her face?
"You are confusing me, I don't know what to feel any more." she said.
Zuko wiped off her tears with his thumbs, cupping her face with his hands.
"Don't cry, silly." he smiled at her
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Memories Are Forever
My entry for the "Infinite...Contest" by #SimplyZutara
prompt word: "pineapple"

Katara stirred a pot of stew with her bending. That was what it was for, stirring food, doing laundry, cleaning their home. Her home, the southern Airtemple, where she lived with Aang for five years already.
Two years after the war ended, they moved in here, together with some air normands which appeared as soon as the message of the end of the war reached them. Together, they started rebuilding their temple and gathering lost air normands all over the world.
Katara was glad to be near her real home, the southern Watertribe, which she visited quite often. Aang had to travel a lot due to his duties as the Avatar, but Katara was left behind most of the time.
Sometimes Aang would give her something stupid to do or give her a ride to the southern Watertribe, but this wasn't how Katara imagined her future, she wanted to help creating a new world with her friends, change people's mind, got to know lots of
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[Zutara]Breaking through the Surface* Part 4
Time passed and they flew through the dark, starry night. Zuko was looking at the moon, silently asking what in the world he should do.
In this moment Katara moved slightly and mumbled in her sleep.
He held her a little closer and inhaled the delicious scent of her hair. She stopped mumbling only to start again a minute later.
Zuko tried not to listen but after he was sure he heard his name three times in a row, he couldn't possibly ignore it any more. He leaned his head closer and heard her mumbling "Zuko... Zuko I forgive you... Zuko please stay with me... I need you Zuko..."
Staring at her in disbelieve, he thought There's no way she could have said all these things I wanted her to say so badly. It was impossible.
He had to know.
He whispered her name a few times so she would wake up. He tightened his arm around her and shifted a little. She opened her eyes slowly. Suddenly she sat up straight, her eyes wide open, starring at Zukos arm around her and then at Zuko.
"Err Katara
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[Zutara]Breaking through the Surface* Part 3
In the beginning he liked how bitter and pessimistic Mai was and how she hated the entire world, but he soon noticed that it only suited his depression. He didn't feel understood by her as well and her constant bad mood was dragging him down even more. The only things that were 'fun' for her were shooing around servants and saying mean things about people who just tried to be happy, like Ty Lee. Blasphemy seemed to be her only hobby. She always acted like she didn't care about such interesting things but she actually did care a lot.
She was living a lie, she was pretending so much. It made him realize that he was pretending too. He wasn't happy, this wasn't the life he wanted to live. He didn't feel like he was home, he was a stranger in his own Nation.
He felt guilty about leaving Mai, but he knew this wasn't entirely about his mission to teach Aang fire bending. This was also about his feelings. He would have to explain that properly to her, but that would have to wait until after th
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[Zutara]Breaking through the Surface* Part 2
Zuko held Kataras hand in a firm grip to help her climb onto Appas back. Everything was in a dark blur and she felt so exhausted.
"It was the right thing you didn't kill him. He was a pathetic fool, he is not worth the murder." Zuko whispered trying to comfort her, seeing her sight was already blurred with tears.
As he tried to climb on Appas neck in an attempt to take the reigns, Katara was holding him back. She clung to his hand he had used to help her up. Her face held the expression of someone who was entirely lost and helpless.
He pulled her closer, right next to him and let her rest her head on his shoulder. He had his right arm around her, holding Appas reigns.
Tears were flowing down Kataras face while Zuko mumbled "Its gonna be okay" trying to sooth her.
She stopped sobbing after a while, getting calmer and floating between being awake and falling asleep. Zuko wasn't sure what he felt.
He felt Kataras pain, he felt relief because she didn't kill the old man because even though
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[Zutara] Breaking through the Surface* PART 1
Breaking through the Surface takes place in "The Southern Raiders"
Katara shook her head to get rid of the confusion. She still couldn't believe what Zuko had suggested. All her anger, pain and sadness had built up inside her. Revenge was the only thing she could think of.
Of course Aang didn't understand. She didn't expect it anyway. He never had parents himself, he was brought up by monks. Even if Monk Gyatsu was a fatherly friend to him, it wasn't the same.
She packed up her things regardless and threw them onto Appas saddle in this very moment.
Her hair was into a braid again and she wore an entirely unusual outfit.
It was a skinny fitting leggings, a knee-long dress with long sleeves and slits on both sides which reached till her upper thighs, a hooded cloak, fingerless gloves and some fabric over her face, everything pitch black like the starless night she would be disappearing in soon. Really quiet footsteps approached her and she didn't need to look up to know it was Zuk
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[Zutara] Betrayal of the Heart* PART 6
Katara turned around and walked straight out of Zukos room. As she passed him and just walked through the door frame Zuko grabbed her arm and said "Katara, wait!"
His touch made chills running down her spine. She wasn't prepared for an answer!
She turned around anyway and her eyes met Zukos pleading gaze.
"Katara, please, will you listen for a second?"
She nodded. He closed the door.
"Katara, I understand that you can't trust me easily. But I hope you will give me a second chance. I wont betray the Avatar and I never did.
Worse, I betrayed you when you were the first person to trust me, to give me the feeling I'm not entirely alone in this world."
"Grmph... guess your Girlfriend would love to hear that.." Katara muttered looking an the floor.
Zukos looked like he got slapped across the face but pulled himself together again.
"I got scared so I teamed up with Azula when she appeared. It was a horrible mistake which I realized soon after I started living my new life. The life I thought I
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[Zutara] Betrayal of the Heart* PART 5
Katara took a deep breath and knocked bravely on Zukos door. He opened the door and he looked really surprised before he managed to compose his face again.
"Katara" he said and let her in.
Before he could say something else, Katara stared to speak calmly but decisive "I came to tell you I don't trust you because you don't deserve it. We both know how quick you can change your mind."
She knew she was being unfair.
"But since Aang needs someone to teach him fire bending, I will accept that you stay with us. But! If I notice the slightest doubt, if I notice you try to betray Aang again, I swear you will never have to worry about your destiny again."
She felt relieved. She managed to say everything, she said it as if it was only for Aang and had nothing to do with her feelings.
Katara turned around and walked straight out of Zukos room.
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[Zutara] Betrayal of the Heart* PART 4
The kiss before they invaded the fire nation.
She had entirely forgotten about it.
Her first kiss.
With her best friend, who was also like a little brother to her.
The feeling in her stomach grew worse.
Is this what people are talking about when they say you get 'butterflies in your belly'? She had always imagined it totally different, more like happiness and joy instead of guilt and sickness.
Was it wrong to kiss him? Does he have a crush on me? Am I having a crush on him? Am I raising his hopes for something more than friendship?
So many questions and no answers.
Everyone was tugging into their dinner greedily since Katara entirely forgot to fix lunch for them. The mood was lightly and happy and Katara let herself get swept with the mood, trying to forget her worries.
She noticed Zuko looking at her sometimes during the meal in what looked like agony. She got annoyed and gave him a dirty look so he would look away.
If she only knew Zuko could feel her pain himself because
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[Zutara] Betrayal of the Heart* PART 3
So there she stood, in the middle of the room, her hands gripping the necklace tightly, realizing she was able to cry and let out her feelings in front of Zuko, technically a stranger who had been an enemy since they first met.
She stood perfectly still for someone whose thoughts whirled around in her head like a tornado.
What am I going to do? Just what am I going to do.
The sound of someone knocking the door brought her back to reality. Startled she stared at the door for a second when a calm but worried voice carefully asked "Katara? Can I come in?"
It was Aangs voice.
Katara quickly hid the vial and let him in.
"I am worried about you. Ever since Zuko joined us this morning I haven't seen you outside. Why are you hiding in your room all day?"
Katara thought it through for a second.
She had to make a decision.
"I was feeling a little exhausted so I took a nap, nothing to worry about." she smiled.
"And you're really okay with Zuko staying here?"
She flinched inwardly at the ri
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[Zutara] Betrayal of the Heart* PART 2
As long as she could remember she wasn't really understood by anyone.
She had a special bond with her mother nobody else understood. When she died, the last person to understand her was gone.
She didn't have friends her age, even though everyone was really nice at the southern water tribe.
She was the only water bender, nobody could understand her desire to feel connected with other benders.
After she found Aang in the ice she felt the need to help ending the war and travelling with the Avatar, something nobody else she knew would have done.
When she met Jet she got attracted by the thought of him understanding and sharing her pain but in the end, her trust was used to do something terrible she would have never approved.
As Toph joined their group she was hoping for a friend who understands her but got disappointed again as she saw that Toph was the little pampered girl which she has been all her live. Her parents didn't understand her as well but her problems were on a completely diff
:iconideenkotze:Ideenkotze 33 10
[Zutara] Betrayal of the Heart* PART 1
Katara was barely aware that she just walked into her room and sat on the bed, her head spinning and her mind in a war-like state, all her thoughts screaming in her head.
How could everyone trust Zuko so quick? She asked herself over and over again.
They can't possibly have forgotten how he chased us around the world, making our life hell. How could they believe he suddenly changed his mind?
As Katara was still thinking about it, she wandered around her room to calm herself down when she suddenly noticed the vial for spirit water Pakku gave her on a small desk. She couldn't remember how it got there but she was all furious again remembering how she offered to heal Zukos scar and how she had to use it to save Aangs life because of Zukos betrayal. She felt like her feelings could burn her body down. She touched the necklace and suddenly the burning faded and she calmed down.
Is this what firebending feels like? The question suddenly popped into her mind.
She came to
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Passionflower.jpg by Ideenkotze Passionflower.jpg :iconideenkotze:Ideenkotze 6 2

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Hey there lovely people,

I think I'm finally gonna do it.
No, not this you pervs.

I'm fiiiiinally gonna watch an episode of LOK.
And while this seems totally insignificant to everyone, it's like a huuuuuge thing for me.
I really adore A:tLA and it still gives me so many feels that I somehow can't accept a new generation (and absolutely stupid and unlogic Kataang...*mutters*) and absolutely refused to watch it, and tried avoiding it when it aired in my country as well.
In the last months or so, I managed to watch half the intro, before the feels became too much and I stopped again.
Ridiculous, I know...
Because no matter what, I couldn't avoid getting spoilered to no end... I know every single character with name, face and purpose and the entire plot.
So I choose this lazy and boring sunday to finally watch the first episode of Book 1. And I'm not gonna get my memories of the beautiful A:tLA show get destroyed by shit. No. I'm just gonna pretend it's something entirely different. Yeah.

Here, have beautiful artwork by Nymre of my favourite character so far: Eska :heart:

*whisper* and look at Nymre's artwork of the most gorgeous ship of LOK

I'm still not sure if I like Korra. I hear people complaining that she's never gonna be as great as Aang, but in all honesty, I don't think that Aang was a good Avatar. What he did after the show might have been great, but of what we've actually seen on A:tLA I simply think he isn't. But I like Aang anyway.

Korra by Ninjatic
Awesome fanart by Ninjatic.

What annoys me the most are the couples/relationship troubles between Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami. But that may come from the fandom talking about it so much. I'll see.

Now, on with it!


just a quick update (03:26 CET | 21.10.13)
I finished book air just now and wanted to share a few things.
First off: the music is really beautiful.
Bending looks very ugly. Just punches and kicks all the time, no real bending moves.
I think I like Korra. Also, I think Bolin is quite the nice, funny guy and I find him absolutely annoying. Don't know why people keep saying he's such a good character. Asami is okay.
Mako is not an asshole, like everyone was screaming around.

Seeing the older Aang is weird. He's not Aang in any way. Could've been someone entirely different and it wouldn't make any difference.

It was way too obvious that Amon/Noatak was Tarrloks brother.

And another thing: I've never watched the original show in English, only the dubbed version, therefore didn't know beforehand what Zuko's voice actor Dante Brasco sounds like. I knew he was also voicing Iroh II and I was rather perplex and disappointed when I heard him talk. Dante Brasco seems like a very sympathic person, but his voice is nothing like what I imagined after everyone on the internet was totally fangirling over it. It sound's way too boyish and young and doesn't really suit Zuko and Iroh II is even older and supposed to sound more manly than that. Sorry Dante Brasco.

night everyone.
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Artist | Student | Photography
Favourite Ships :heart:

Zutara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) my OTP. there is nothing which belongs together more than them. They are fire and water in literally every sense, polar opposites in many ways but have the most important things in common.

:thumb284910733: SasuNaru (Naruto) <<I dont have really have to explain which Manga they're from...
however, they are really everything for each other and my second OTP. Best friends, rivals, brothers, lovers, enemies.
I really want Kishimoto-sensei to make them canon, it would be more than awesome and I would love to see a homosexual couple in a famous manga, because it would show that even the 'cool and manly' manga has love of all kinds.
But I don't think he will.
Stamp: Sasuke x Naruko by Luffy-Kun I also like funny comics where Naruto is in his sexy-no-jutsu form together with Sasuke, but its not really a ship. (; and I dont like the idea of making Naruto physically a girl so the homophobes can ship this couple too.

Skins: Freddy x Effy Stamp by zwinkyaddicted Freddy x Effy (Skins) imperfection ♥ first couple I shipped hard. a relationship wouldnt have worked out probably but their love is unreasonable and unconditional.

other couples I really like:

Fun in the Sun Stamp by Platinum15 Natsume x Mikan (Gakuen Alice)
as well as
GA - Mikan+Ruka in pink by tsukaikari Luca x Mikan (Gakuen Alice)*havent found any stamps. people seem to hate that pairing ): *
yeah I know its strange but I just love both couples. I never thought I could ship little kids relationships so much..y'know without the passionate part (; but I really do.

Johnny Depp and Keira Knighley by Ctinaa Jack x Elisabeth (Pirates of the Carribean) again, no stamp ):
I mean, Will and Elisabeth are really cute and romantic and stuff, but Elisabeth x Jack has something cracktastic which makes them just too awesome.

Akkarin and Sonea by Yuzukiii Sonea x Akkarin (The Black Magican) <<its a book
the couple that makes me the most emotional. I could cry everytime I think about them... T_T ooooh and when I read the "Sonea" trilogy afterwards, all I could think of was their eternal love...


Point of No Return Stamp by dreamwriter2010 Phantom x Christine (Phantom of the Opera)
I truly think they are made for each other. And I swear, every night, when Raoul is asleep, Christine thinks of her Angel of Music and she'll never forget him or these dark feelings towards him. I want the Phantom to be happy.

anyone noticed how all my ships are not together in the end/at the point of the story where I'm currently reading?
They're either separated (by death or captivity), choose the wrong person or have fate against their relationship.
Thank artists for fanart and fanfiction.


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